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It's - - And Michigan Still Sucks

CowTown Photography

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CowTown Photography

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If you are looking for the lawyer Mike Godwin, you're at the wrong site. I'm older, better looking, and still have all my hair. See me in my movie shot photo just to the right of here =======>

Ain't I just one good lookin' hunk?

But hey, it's nice to have you visit anyway. Take a break and hang out for a little while. Click a few links and have fun. Also, check out my disclaimer at the bottom of the page

Family News

First School Photos
My 2 oldest granddaughters

Lily & Madison Photos

New Grand Babies are here. See photos below.

Family News
I'm in a movie!

I guess not.. Anyway, this is what I would look like in a movie..

M. Spidwick, CIA
Strategic Services Unit

Table of Contains

Drag Racing
The new Basement

The ADP Reunion Tour 2006
My Mom's Memorial
Fun Stuff
Home for Sale
Picture of my old band
Cheap Astrophotography
Great Horned Owl
My Eye Scan
Lily & Madison at Easter


CowTown Photography
Vital Film Works
Scentsy by Angie Jackson


35 years of Sherrie & Mike
Angie & Greg
Lily Kay Godwin
Madison Marie Jackson
Andrew Gregory Jackson
Lucy Rae Godwin


BikeWeek '99
Bug Campout '01
24 hour Vacation
25th Anniversary
Local Weather

Need music for your next event?

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